Information for Prospective Tenants

Greenecourt currently consists of 111 affordable, independent living apartments in three buildings. All of our buildings are all non-smoking and do not allow pets. All tenants need to meet the minimum age of 55 or be an adult with a disability. You will find additional information about the types of rentals and how to apply below.

Types of Housing

Subsidized Housing

For subsidized rental buildings, a subsidy from BC Housing is required to make up the difference between what residents can afford to pay for rent and the cost of operating the building. The amount of rent a tenant pays depends on their income sources and amounts. If a tenant receives any form of income assistance, rent is set at a flat rent. For those households not receiving income assistance, rent is calculated at 30% of a household’s gross monthly income. For our subsidized buildings, all prospective tenants must have a live file on the BC Housing Registry.

Non-subsidized Affordable Housing

These affordable rental apartments are suitable for tenants with assets below $500,000.

How to apply for housing at Greenecourt?

Subsidized Housing

We select tenants from the BC Housing registry. You will need to have an active BC Housing file. A BC Housing application can be completed online, at one of their regional offices, or printed and mailed to the local BC Housing office. Visit the BC Housing website to start an online application or to submit a paper application as outlined under “Paper Application Process”.

To inquire about the status of your BC Housing application or to assist you in completing your application you can contact the Housing Registry, toll free, at 1-800-257-7756.

Non-subsidized Affordable Housing

To apply for non-subsidized affordable housing, you will need to apply through our property manager at Greenecourt, who can be reached using the form on our Contact Us page or by calling 604-885-5962.

The Waitlist

There are more people applying for housing than there are apartments available. Wait times are unpredictable as it depends on when an apartment will become available. We are unable to predict wait times and will not communicate information about the waitlist.

Keep your Application Up to Date

To remain active on the Greenecourt waitlist, you must contact the property manager to update your application once every twelve months.

Apartment selection

Once an apartment becomes available you will be contacted to arrange a time for a viewing. Your file at Greenecourt will be deleted if you refuse:

  • Two offers of subsidised housing
  • One offer of non-subsidized housing

It is the responsibility of the applicant to keep his/her application current with the property manager by informing us yearly that they wish to remain on the list.