Greenecourt is currently comprised of 111 affordable rental apartments in three buildings with a fourth in process. All of our buildings are independent living, non-smoking and do not allow pets. All tenants need to meet the minimum age 55 years or older or be an adult with a disability.


5817 Medusa St

  • 24 one-bedroom apartments
Photo of Sandpiper Entrance
Sandpiper Entrance
Photo of Sandpiper Exterior from the side
Sandpiper Exterior
Photo of Sandpiper Lobby Looking towards the inside
Sandpiper Lobby
Another photo of Sandpiper Lobby lookingn towards the outside
Sandpiper Lobby


5821 Medusa St

  • 22 one-bedroom apartments
Photo of exterior of Orca building.
Orca Exterior
Photo of Orca lobby looking towards the outside
Orca Lobby
Photo of Orca Lobby looking towards the inside
Orca Lobby

Jack Nelson

5583 Ocean Ave

65 apartments:

  • 59 one bedroom
  • 6 studio
Photo of Jack Nelson building exterior from parking lot
Jack Nelson Exterior
Photo of Jack Nelson building exterior from one side
Jack Nelson Exterior
Photo of Jack Nelson building entry from outside
Jack Nelson Entry


Currently in development.

94 apartments:

  • 4 two bedroom
  • 3 one bedroom and den
  • 73 one bedroom
  • 14 studio
Architect's rendering of proposed design for new Arbutus building at Greenecourt
Architect’s Rendering for Proposed Hemlock Building